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Patapum Toddler Carrier

The Patapum Toddler Carrier is ideal for those families looking for a larger-bodied carrier for their toddler. The higher body provides support for your child, whilst still providing the comfort and security you need whilst out and about. The removable sleep hood is perfect for those children who do still need a nap - no need to worry about lolling heads!

The inside of the padded areas (waist and shoulder straps) are made of lightweight, non -absorbent, breathable synthetic material. Elastic loops on the head hood enable you to tuck the hood away when not in use. The poppers on the outside of the waist belt allow you to wear the the carrier tucked away, which is ideal for those toddlers who like a run around but tire out on longer walks and then need carrying.

Designed for heavier babies/toddlers from around 18 months old, up to 62 lbs. (28 kgs.) For smaller babies the Patapum Baby Carrier is a better choice.


  • Soft padded shoulder straps, and supportive padded waist belt.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, chest straps, and waist belt (up to 45" waist, or 54" with included Waist Extension).
  • Detachable head hood made of soft cotton mesh.
  • 100% cotton fabrics (canvas outside, brushed twill inside).
  • Durable and easy to clean. Machine wash. (Cold water.)

All prices include shippping within the UK. Further shipping options including EU Airmail are available at checkout.

  • Manufactured by: Patapum

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