Make your own sling

Making your own sling has many advantages: you can choose your own fabric, obtain a better fit, personalise as you wish with pockets and clips, and it also saves you money! Although many slings can be sewn by hand, we do recommend that you use a sewing machine.

Below are links to many different patterns for different types of slings (see the catagories below). For your first sling we would advise you use a cheap material as you may need to adjust and unpick to get your sling just right!

To make a ring sling, you will need to purchase nylon or metal rings these can be bought directly from the Big Mama Slings online store. We also stock a variety of fabrics suitable for making slings, contact us for more information.

Make Your Own Ring Sling:

Elizabeth Lee:: Purchase a pattern for making your own padded ring sling.

Maya Wrap: Instructions for making your own Maya Wrap Ring Sling (Open tail).

Sew Creative: Purchase a pattern for making a padded ring sling. (Closed tail).

Simple Ring Sling: Instructions for making a Maya-style sling.

Sleeping Baby: Instructions for making an unpadded ring sling, with a unique overlapping pleat shoulder.

Sling-A-Ma-Bob: A simple design for making an unpadded ring sling.

Sling Me Mommy: Sling Me Mommy: Online pattern for a simple un-padded ring sling.

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Make Your Own Pouch Sling:

Sew A Baby Sling: Simple pouch sling design.

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Make Your Own Soft Carrier:

Sleeping Baby Asian Style Carrier: Online instructions for making a Mei Tai style carrier.

Sleeping Baby Podaegi: Sewing instructions for making a Korean Podeagi.

Susan's Baby/Toddler Sling: Online pattern for a slightly more complicated carrier, with buckles and wider shoulder straps.

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Make Your Own Wraparound:

Born To Love: Instructions for making your own Rebozo style carrier.

Jen Rose: Written instructions for making a sling out a sheet, as well as other simple slings to sew. Jen Rose knows more about slings than nearly anyone, and her instructions are informative and interesting.

MamaToto's Simple Wrap: This fantastic website includes instructions for making your own wrap out of simple gauze material wonderful animated instructions.

Mama Roo: Online instructions for making a wraparound carrier.

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Fabric and Sling Ring Sources:

Big Mama Slings: Contact us to purchase metal, nylon and aluminium rings.

Ebay UK: Bid online - a huge variety of fabrics available.

Go Fabric: A huge range of brocade fabrics. Shipped from Canada.

Nest Mom: Nickel sling rings, shipped from the US.

Sling Rings: Purchase from a wide variety of nylon and aluminium sling rings from this US based company.

Also check your local fabric shop and branches of John Lewis. Ensure that you are buying the right fabric for your project most of the links here will tell you what you need.

Other Sling Sewing Resources:

The's Make Your Own Sling Forum Page: An excellent bulletin board for sharing tips with other sling sewers.

Yahoo Sling Sewing Group: An invaluable resource for hints and tips.

If you would like your sling-making pattern or materials to be included here, please contact us.

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