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Big Mama's Resources

Attachment Parenting & Baby Wearing
Attachment Parenting Online Communities
Cloth Nappies
Home Birth & Active Birth

Attachment Parenting & Baby Wearing

Ask Dr Sears : Web site of the Sears’ - advocates of attachment parenting.

Attachment Parenting International: An excellent source of articles and research.

Elizabeth Pantley: Home page of the parent educator and author of numerous books, including ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’.

Kellymom: Probably the best AP and breastfeeding resource on the web.

The Baby Wearer: Reviews and links on baby wearing and slings.

The Liedloff Continuum Concept: A good starting point for learning more about this groundbreaking book, it’s author and impact on parenting theories.

Attachment Parenting Communities

HunnyBeez AP Board: AP forum on a small but busy parenting board. (UK based)

I Want My Mum: Research-based Pro Breastfeeding Parenting Forums. Midwives, Breast Feeding Counsellors & SANDS Bereavement Counsellor on site. Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. (UK based)

MotheringDotCommune: The Natural Family Living Community. (US based)


Australian Breastfeeding Association: An excellent source of information.

Breastfeeding.Com: Articles and support.

Jane’s Breastfeeding Resources: A UK based breastfeeding site, with many useful articles.

La Leche League International: The largest breastfeeding support network; contains links to resources as well as support and training services.

NCT Breastfeeding Articles: Information on breastfeeding by the National Childbirth Trust. Also provides a counselling and training service, as well as many other family-related services.

NHS Breastfeeding Resources: Database of UK Health Department breastfeeding guidelines and articles.

Promotion of Mother’s Milk (PROMOM): Breastfeeding facts and information.

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: Breastfeeding support and information. Also provide training for those wishing to become breastfeeding counsellors.

Cloth Nappies

National Association of Nappy Services (NANS): Supply details of your nearest cloth nappy service, who will wash and supply you with cloth nappies.

The Real Nappy Association: Currently dormant but provides links of where to look for further information.

Women’s Environmental Network: Information on cloth nappies and environmental issues.

Home Birth and Active Birth

AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services): Professional and patient support. Excellent support for those having problems booking a home birth.

Association of Radical Midwives: Charity committed to improving midwifery services in the UK. Provide support to those having difficulty in obtaining the ante-natal care they require. Good articles on alternative births.

Home Birth Reference Site: Amazing web site with everything you need to know about birthing at home in an easy-to-use format.

HypnoBirthing UK: The official UK site for HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method. Packed with information about HypnoBirthing®, lots of birth stories, how to request details of your nearest classes, and discussion boards to chat to others mums and practitioners about HypnoBirthing®

Independent Midwives Association: Links to hiring an independent midwife in the UK.

Midwife Archives: Collection of suggestions and remedies for pregnancy and childbirth, with emphasis on natural solutions.

Well Mother: Bristol-based service, offering Shiatsu and birthing classes.

Please contact us if you wish to be added to our resource page