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Big Mama Slings Loyalty Scheme

How does it work?

Every customer receives a unique customer reference number. Recommend Big Mama Slings to a friend/relative/colleague and if they hire or purchase a sling from us, you will be credited £1 against any future hires or purchases.

How do I receive my number?

Hire or purchase a sling from us and your reference number will be sent to you with your sling(s).

How do I receive my credits?

Pass your number on to the person you recommend us to - if they purchase or hire a sling from us and quote your reference number, we will credit £1 against your unique number.

Do I have to use my credits within a certain time frame?

No - they are there for you to use whenever you want. You can partially use your credit towards a hire, or use it all at once for a purchase.

Are there any restrictions?

Loyalty points cannot be used towards purchasing Special Offer items. Big Mama Slings reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time without prior notification. If a referred customer returns a purchase sling for refund for any reason, points accrued for that transaction will be revoked.