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Glossary Of Terms

Back Hold

Baby is carried on the back, usually facing towards the wearer, although sometimes facing outwards. Also referred to as the Rucksack or Backpack hold.

Only suitable once the baby has good head control.

Cradle hold

Baby is cradled in the front of the wearer. If in a ring-sling the baby’s head is pointing towards the rings. Also sometimes referred to as the Peapod hold if using a wraparound.

Hip Hold

Suitable for babies once they can sit unaided and have good head control (usually 6 months onwards). Can be facing outwards, although usually the baby faces inwards with legs straddling the wearer.

Kangaroo Hold

Baby is worn on the front with their back to the wearer, with legs crossed. Good for once the baby has head control, and is getting nosy!

Nursing hold

Baby is cradled in front of the wearer, enabling breastfeeding. If in a ring-sling, head is pointing away from the rings.

Tummy-to-Tummy Hold

Baby is on the front of the wearer, with head held at neck height. Younger babies can have their feet in the carrier, whilst older babies have them out.

An ideal soothing position for babies with reflux.