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Big Mama Likes….

Each Month Big Mama recommends some great products which we like (but don’t sell as we can’t sell everything!) – some of these products are new to the market, some have been around for a while but are still fantastic!

If you’d like to nominate a product for inclusion, please email us at


Stokke Xplory™ Pushchair

The only truly baby-friendly pushchair we have seen! Available from www.borndirect.com in a range of really funky colours, this eye-catching baby gadget keeps your little monkeys at eye-height so you can chat and interact.

Stokke Pushchair

Ansty Cowfold - Lullabies for the Discerning Baby

Folky covers of old classics, this is a must have item for those parents who will go postal if forced to listen to any more Teletubbies or other so-called music aimed at children. Soporific in a good way and a perfect way to introduce a gentle bedtime routine.

Available from Amazon here as well as your usual music shops

Ansty Cowfold

Nippaz with Attitude


We love the designs, the gift packages, even the website is extremely cool. Perfect gifts for the Nippaz in your life.

Nippa Clothes

Baby Wisdom: The World's Best-kept Secrets for the First Year of Parenting by Deborah Jackson

An indepth look at parenting around the world, which highlights how far Western society has moved from the more natural and family-centered skills and techniques still used in other cultures. This book will allow you to relax about trusting your instincts to hold your children close and allow them to teach you to parent.

Available from Amazon here

Baby Wisdom Book