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Big Mama

Big Mama Slings is the result of my quest to find the perfect sling. After months of searching I realised that I had acquired not only a large collection but also a passion for Babywearing and a belief in the benefits of carrying your child.

I carried my first child for over a year in a high-street brand carrier; it was not that comfortable and if I hadn't been committed to carrying her I would have stopped sooner. When pregnant with my second child I came across the Babywearing community and soon discovered the huge variety and range of carriers and slings available.

My aim is to help every parent avoid the discomfort of using a carrier that doesn't work for them, and to also bring a wider choice of carriers to everyone. I am constantly adding slings to the Rental Shop, all of which I have tried and tested myself. In addition, our online shop has now opened, selling a selection of unusual and luxury slings.

Big Mama is always happy to give advice and support on any aspect of Babywearing - even if you decide not to hire or buy one of our slings.