Soft Carriers


Soft Carriers are based on traditional Asian carriers and come in two basic variations – buckle carriers and tie-on carriers. Both types of carriers are the easiest to use in our opinion, and their clean patbabymainand simple looks make them very popular with parents. The basic design is a panel of fabric with waist and shoulder straps; the difference with buckle carriers being that the straps are fastened and adjusted with heavy-duty clasps rather than tied on. These carriers are an ideal choice for a family with children of two different ages that both need carrying.
Buckle Carriers are constructed from a panel of material which has attached shoulder and waist straps which are adjusted with buckles. Some styles are suitable from birth upwards, others only from when a baby can sit unsupported but all can be used both on the front and back and are very simple to use. The ergonomic design of these carriers BHMTdeluxemainmeans you can comfortably wear them for long periods with heavier babies and toddlers. More information about buckle carriers.

Tie-On Baby Carriers are closer in appearance to the traditional Asian carriers but have been updated for modern parents. Often called Mei Tais (pronounced May Tie and often misspelled as Mei Tei or Mai Tai), these carriers are very simple in design and use. The shoulder and waist straps are tied with a simple knot which makes them very versatile and they can also be used from birth to toddler. The variety in Mei Tais comes from the shape of the carrier, designs of fabric available and other design details such as pockets etc.

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