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Pouch-style slings are essentially a simple loop of fabric worn over one shoulder. Suitable for use from birth to around 30lbs they are an excellent simple ‘pop and go’ carrier. Some styles are sized, others are adjustable and fit a range of sizes (see sizing information below). Pouches are very simple to learn to use and a huge variety of colours and patterns available. Babies with reflux or who prefer to be held upright may not like pouch slings until they are a few months old and can be carried upright in the Buddha position or on the hip. These carriers tend to be the most inexpensive and are compact so can be popped in a changing bag. More information about Pouch Slings

General tips for measuring and sizing fitted pouches:

  • Measure yourself from the top of your shoulder to your hip bone, holding the measuring tape firmly against you.
  • If you are pregnant, measure your back instead
  • Factors that will affect your pouch size are torso length and breast size

 Not sure if you’ve bought the right size? A well fitting pouch will: 

  • Feel close without being uncomfortably tight – if you can’t breathe, it’s too small
  • Not move from your body – if the pouch hangs from your body with your baby in it it is most likely too big
  • Feel like you are wearing another top with your baby in it
  • Support the weight of your baby and not pull on your shoulders or back – if it does, it’s probably too big (or not spread out properly)

Hotslings baby pouches are an innovative design that combine fashion with function. Suitable from birth to around 30lbs. Compact and quick, these pouches feature light leg padding, designed for babies in the hip carry. Available in both adjustable and non-adjustable sized styles. Hotslings stretch pouches have just a bit of ‘give’ – like stretch jeans. Non-stretch reversibles tend to be a bit more snug than stretch cotton pouches. If your sized stretch cotton pouch is a bit snug, size up on the reversible.

Adjustable or Sized – which to choose?

Hotslings Adjustable (AP) pouches fit sizes 2 to 5. If you are in this size range, you now have the option to buy the adjustable pouch. The benefits of the AP: it can be used by more than one person, it changes with you as you lose your baby weight, or grow again during pregnancy and it accommodates those who are between sizes. A perfect fit every time, while still being sleek and light-weight. You will however still need to check your Hotsling size using the guide below. If you are not in the size range for the AP then you will need to buy a sized pouch; we try to keep a range of these in stock. Also, not all Hotslings fabrics are available in the AP as yet, so if one of the designer or reversible fabrics has caught your eye, you will need to buy a sized pouch.

Sizing: the only tricky bit of choosing a Hotsling pouch (apart from deciding which print to go for!). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are at all unsure about sizing. We are happy to exchange for size. Hotslings have put together the following information to help you choose your pouch:

Correct sizing for pouch slings is essential for the happiness of both parents and baby. Find your best fit with the chart below(use pre-pregnancy weight; if you get more than one size recommended and have big breasts, broad shoulders, a big baby, or wear bulky clothes, pick the larger size.) Most people wear a 3, 4 or 5. Too small is often obvious on trying on; too big is less so. Fit should be snug and high; if the baby is dangling away from you, you will need to size down.

To measure from shoulder to hip: use a soft tape measure and start at the outer corner of your shoulder and measure diagonally across your body down to your hip bone. The number (in inches) should be in the 20s. 20 inches is equal to 50 cms, 29 inches is equal to 73 cms. Remember to hold the measuring tape firmly to your body. If you are pregnant please measure your back.

Buying a sized pouch: Please bear in mind that you should not try and get a pouch to fit both parents by sizing up or down – most parents do need to purchase a pouch each. If your pouch is too big it will be uncomfortable for you and your baby. The difference between pouch sizes is one inch or 2.5cms. Reversible pouches are non-stretch and therefore if you come up with two sizes we would suggest the larger size.

All Hotslings have original leg padding; the AP is padded on both ‘rails’ The leg padding is designed to provide additional comfort when older babies are carried in an upright position.

All sized Hotslings come with both printed and DVD instructions. The DVD takes you through every step of using your pouch, from correctly inserting your baby to feeding in the sling. Your Hotsling comes packaged in a carrying bag which you can use for storage.

Adjustable Hotslings come with printed instructions and a matching cloth storage bag for your pouch.

See the Hotslings Adjustable Pouch in action.

Ring Slings

Ring Slings are an adjustable one-shoulder baby carrier suitable from birth to toddler. They are simply a loop of fabric with rings attached at one end, through which you thread the other end, creating a ‘pouch’ for your baby to either lie or sit in and the ‘tail’ section which hangs down is used to tighten and adjust the sling around your baby. All the slings we sell use industry standard sling rings which have been extensively safety tested. Available in a variety of designs and fabrics, our range has something to cover all tastes and budgets. There is some variation in shoulder design and some slings offer a pocket on the tail as well. Washing instructions will vary from sling to sling and if machine washing and quick drying is of importance to you we recommend choosing a cotton or linen ring sling. All the slings we sell will arrive with written instructions, while some manufacturers offer DVD instructions as well. More information about Ring Slings.

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