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Choosing a sling or baby carrier can seem like a daunting prospect: the vast range of options – different carrying positions, fabrics choices and so on – can seem bewildering at first, and most slings are fairly new to the market. However, there is at least one perfect sling out there for every family! Taking a bit of time now to think about what you want and need from your sling will ensure a happy and long babywearing relationship.

If you are overwhelmed by the choice and need some explanation of the different styles, visit our Types of Sling page. Confused by the terminology? Check our glossary! If you would like to compare baby slings and carriers our comparison charts outline the main features and carrying positions of all of our range.

To find the best sling or baby carrier for your family, think about the age of your child, the people who will be using it and how you plan to use the sling. Use the menu above to navigate to the section that is relevant, or start at the top and work through!


How old is your baby?
Do you want to carry him/her for just a few months, or well into toddler-hood?
Do you want one sling which will last you through your baby-wearing days, or are you going to be buying more slings?

Ideal slings for infants: Stretchy Wraparounds, Pouches, Ring Slings
Ideal for older babies: Hip Carriers
Ideal for both: Soft Carriers, Woven Wraps

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Carrying Positions

How does your baby like to be held? A baby that likes being held upright may not be happiest lying down in a sling.

Ideal for babies who like being held upright: Ring Slings, Soft Carriers, Wraparound Carriers

Do you want the option of carrying your child on your back as well as your front.

Ideal for back carries: Soft Carriers, Woven Wrap

Do you want to be able to carry your baby on your hip

Ideal for hip carries: Pouch, Ring Sling, Woven Wrap, Hip Carriers

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The Sling User(s)

How many people will be using the sling? Some slings come in different sizes, which may well affect their flexibility for you.

Ideal for use by different size wearers:
Ring Slings, Stretchy Wraparound Carriers, Soft carriers, Hip Carriers

Does anyone who will be carrying your child have back, shoulder or pelvis problems, if so it is best to avoid one-shoulder slings

Ideal for those with bad backs: Soft Carriers, Wrap Slings

Are you willing to learn different tying methods or are you more interested in a pop and go type carrier?
Easy to use, ‘pop and go’ carriers: Pouches, Hip Carriers, Soft Carriers
Slight learning curve: Ring Slings

Larger learning curve: Wraparound Carriers

Do you want a traditional sling or a simple, modern design?

<divstyle=”text-align:>Modern, Simple looks: Pouches, Hip Carriers, Structured Soft Carriers
Traditional designs: Ring Slings, Traditional Soft Carriers, and Wraparound Carriers

How Sling Will Be Used

Do you want a sling for short periods of time such as a quick shop or the school run, or for several hours at a time, for example long walks or while your child sleeps
Ideal slings for short periods: Pouches, Ring Slings, Buckle Soft Carriers, Hip Carriers
Ideal slings for prolonged carrying: Soft Carriers, Wraparound Slings
Do you need to be ‘hands-free’ while using your sling e.g. to look after another child or to do jobs around the house
Most hands-free slings: Soft Carriers, Wraparound Slings

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