There are many reasons why Muslim women choose to wear a hijab or not – it is a personal decision. Here, we will look at some of the benefits women feel when wearing a headscarf or other veil to cover parts of their body. There are both social and scientific reasons why wearing the hijab can be a good thing for women. First, we will look at the social benefits.

The main advantage of wearing a hijab is to prevent the unwanted attention of men, particularly for women who are married already. When a man sees a woman who is covered, he knows straight away she is off-limits, and should not approach her. Women can also feel safe from such advances by wearing a veil, and they know they will not be seen only for their beauty. Women who cover their face are more likely to be appreciated for their minds rather than their beauty, which is very important for most women.

Some women also like to be covered up when out in public as it gives them a confidence boost. Such women place less emphasis on what they wear and how they style their hair. The hijab can also be seen as hygienic – just like many workers have to wear coverings, such as healthcare professionals and those in the food industry. Some people like to give hijabs as Eid gifts, which is another great social factor.

Moving on to the scientific benefits of wearing a hijab, it is great for keeping the head warm during the winter months. It is thought that about 50% of heat is lost through the head, so keeping it covered during cold weather is important for health reasons.

In the summer, wearing a covering helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, which can reduce the effects of aging as well as the possibility of developing skin cancer. A hijab can also help protect the hair during the summer. Sunlight can damage the hair, and the hijab will also keep pollen and dust away from the hair, ensure it looks healthy.

There are however many reasons why a woman may choose not to wear a hijab. Some feel it is not a religious requirement, and they can remain modest enough with just their clothing. In Western societies where Islam is not the main religion, some women feel wearing a headscarf brings more attention, therefore defeating its original purpose.

How many times have you started a certain workout plan and just gave up on it? Everybody does it and I always wondered why I that. Aren’t humans designed to be fit and athletic? Then why are we not motivated to move our bodies? It is a very interesting topic to think about. I have been trying many workouts throughout my life and I am sharing my experience on how to keep at it and what works best for me. 

  1. Many times, when you just begin your fitness journey you fall for fad diets and celebrity workouts. But how can that work if it is not even for us normal human being? Celebrities pay millions of pounds to keep someone by their side to make them work out and chefs that prepare their meals. If you are struggling to keep motivated to work out you just need to do it. It is proven by scientists that people choose what is the most comfortable. It is our nature to choose the safe option to protect ourselves. But no lion is going to attack you on the way to the gym, remember that! What you need to do is to do it! Thinking about working out won’t help. And stop the excuses that you don’t know how to work out properly. There are tons of employees at the gym to ask about the equipment and if worse comes to worse just run on the treadmill, that is easy! 

running person

  1. Habits make you. Form a workout habit. Make sure your workout is so fun that you want to do it almost every day. This will become your habit. You could go for cardio every other day (e.g. jogging), form a volleyball, football, basketball, badminton team with your colleagues and improve your fitness levels all together!